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Jukka Pitkäjärvi

Member of the Board

Born 1960, Member of the Board since 2020.

Jukka Pitkäjärvi is a citizen of Finland, born in 1960. Mr Pitkäjärvi has worked more than 30 years in international mining and metallurgical industry. He started his career as mining geologist and steadily worked his way to Senior Management positions in mining industry and later on in Project Development.  He is currently Vice President Finland Operations for Strategic Resources Inc. Jukka has a degree in Geology and Mineralogy from University of Oulu (Finland), Business Engineering Diploma from Oulu Polytechnical University (Finland) and Business Management Diploma from POHTO - Institute for Management and Technological Training (Finland).

Shares in Auriant Mining AB: No.
Stock options in Auriant Mining AB: No.